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Website Design

Bespoke, beautiful, results-driven. Responsive websites built with wordpress, the worlds leading content management system.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, ecommerce, e-commerce, digital strategy, email marketing, media buying, display, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing management.


Branding doesn’t start and end with logo creation, we take the time to understand your business and craft a unique marketing experience

We partner with you

At JustBAM we believe in solving problems. Need a bespoke, responsive website? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Need a re-brand or help with a Graphic Design project? You’re in luck, we do that too! Need help navigating the murky waters of the Digital Marketing landscape? You guessed it – we do that too.

Since 2009 we’ve been partnering with clients to help identify their business needs and offer effective, affordable solutions for business across all industries. Multi-national or startup, we can help get your business where it needs to be.

Our dedicated team have skills spanning both digital and physical. We’re equally adept at creating stunning, functional wordpress websites as we are creating that new flyer or fancy letterpress business cards you’ve always wanted.

Y/OUR Team

From concept to completion, we’ll keep you in the loop so that you feel like part of the team. That means you’ll never be left wondering what we’re up to – you’ll know. We also appreciate that your time is precious, so we won’t bog you down with unnecessary meetings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea – why not get in touch with us to start your next project? We even offer a Free Consultation so you can decide if we’re the right fit for you!

How we work

Creative Direction

Website Design

We’re a web design company with a foundation in easy user experience. Working directly with our agile developers and digital brand strategists, our designers research, brainstorm, and plan in order to create high-creative, high-function designs that blend aesthetics and utility while staying true to your brand.

Brand Identity

Remember when brands lived within the confines of TV, product, and print ads? Those days are gone, and brands are as alive as the people behind them. Your brand has a story, a personality, and an identity. Whether you’re building a brand for the first time or need to shift your corporate persona, we’re a web design company that uses competitive and social research to construct an identity that resonates with your audience.


With a specialty in complexity, we love projects that let us flex our development muscles to show you that ecommerce can function without a single plug-in. Our website development team builds real ecommerce solutions customized specifically for you and your customers. By custom coding ecommerce websites and platforms line by line, we give you the exact tools to drive business growth and provide value to users, without impacting performance, security, or speed-to-market.

UI/UX Design

Responsive design requires the perfect balance of performance and ingenuity. Grounded in user research and validated by ongoing testing and optimization, our web and mobile interfaces support your digital strategy and drive business growth by creating interactive and meaningful experiences for your users.


As a website development company, we believe that businesses need digital solutions that are just as unique as the businesses themselves. Custom development is exactly what it sounds like: technology developed specifically for your business’s needs. Our web developers are experienced in creating scalable websites, mobile and web applications, and platforms that are truly custom – not just a mishmash of different third party platforms and plugins attempting to function as one cohesive system.


Managing a website should not be a stressful or inconvenient pursuit. Content management should be intuitive, agile, and fit to serve your business needs. Our CMS development process is totally custom, and the end system is completely scalable and user-friendly. And, when it’s all said and done, we sit down with your team to walk you through your new CMS capabilities, step-by-step.

Digital Strategy

Discover - Strategize - Implement


trategy doesn’t end after execution. If anything, that’s where the process begins all over again. With an obsession for perfection and an eye for insights, our data analysts will happily weed through rows and rows of data to discover the gaps, project the opportunities, and deliver more.


While we can’t dictate what customers think, social media marketing lets us shape customer conversations in new ways. Gone are the days of one-way marketing campaigns. Customers want to be part of the conversation, and social media marketing allows them to be heard and interact directly with your brand. We work with clients to make sure customer conversations and interactions are lucrative to business objectives.


Instead of an after-the-fact service that most SEO agencies offer, we take a holistic approach, integrating SEO into our digital strategies right from the get-go. No matter the scope, our SEOs collaborate with all departments throughout every project to architect the site or app structure, shape organic search appearance, and ensure that your digital presence is built with both users and search bots in mind


Given the many and varied digital mediums, half the battle for businesses today is figuring out where to invest online. We can help guide your investments, from social media marketing, PPC, or branding – it all depends on your needs. With your goals in mind, we analyze to identify gaps in your current strategy and consult to help fill them based on projected business impact.


A strategy without insights is like a car without an engine. It might look nice, but it can’t get you where you want to go. Before executing any plan of action, we first make it our obsession to understand your business and needs – from target audiences and competitors to industry and market trends. Only after doing initial research do we turn quantitative and qualitative insights into truly creative & functional digital strategies.


Both a process and an art form, extraordinary content requires fastidious planning and ingenious craftsmanship. Whether you need to find your brand voice or get your message out to the masses, we work to fully understand your users – both the emotions that fuel their needs and the language that drives purchases. From there, we create content that engages customers and creates positive business outcomes.